EMDR for Psychological Birth Trauma
"Horror stories. That is what I heard during my first pregnancy. Men and women with children told stories of extremely long labors, unexpectedly painful labors, potentially life-threatening emergencies, unwanted medical interventions or poor treatment by medical staff..."
EMDR for Psychological Birth Trauma
"Frequently Asked Questions about EMDR. You may have heard that EMDR works quickly and effectively for relieving symptoms of trauma, grief, abuse, pain, phobias, panic attacks and many other problems..."
New Series: A Deep Dive into Dissociation
"I call it my "tell." Sometimes when I am talking to a client with a history of trauma, I feel lightheaded or dizzy. It took me awhile to figure out why. I's usually a sign that the person I'm sitting across from is experiencing dissociation...."
Dissociation: State of Mind or Fragmentation of the Self?
"What is dissociation? The British television series, Fleabag, depicts a heroine who frequently turns to the camera to share her thoughts. Talking to the camera helps her push away feelings of traumatic grief from her past... "

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